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I'm using an SQL Server 2008 Database Prject in Visual Studio 2010 and now I need to rename one of my table columns. Using the SQL Server Data-tier Application project this can be done by right clicking on the item to rename in the Schema View and selecting the Refactor option. I don't see this option in the Database project so how do you rename columns with this project type?

Update: I tried switching the project type over to a Data-tier Application but I'm still not seeing the Refactor option in the Schema View. Is this supported in the Pro version?

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4 Answers

Get latest source code, and build it.

Deploy Database (to ensure up to date)

Make schema changes in SSMS.

Synch database to your database project model.

Check-in changes

(Or you could just check-out and edit the files directly in the database project)

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Are you using the Professional Edition of Visual Studio? It is likely that this feature is available only in the Premium or Ultimate editions.

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I'm using the Professional Edition of Visual Studio. It seems a bit weird that one of the key features of Database Projects wouldn't exist in the Pro version as well since it would make using them semi-pointless. –  Brian Surowiec Jun 6 '11 at 14:21
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After looking into this more it seems the refactoring feature is available in the Premium and Ultimate versions of Visual Studio 2010 and not in the Professional version.

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I do agree with David. Complete feature of real database development is available in Ultimate / premium edition of visual studio but there is a workaround for Visual Studio 2010 professional edition. Steps are mentioned below.

1-Create a blank file “CommonDataPlatform.refactorlog” file inside CommonDatabase project.

2-Right click on “CommonDataPlatform.refactorlog” file and click on properties. Set build action to “Deployment extension configuration”

3-Now open “CommonDataPlatform.refactorlog” in IDE and treat this as an xml document. Write below mentioned XML in it. I am highlighting one example.

Here Email is a table with EmailOldName as old column name and now we are trying to rename EmailOldColumn to EmailAddress.

You can add many Operation nodes for other column name changes.

Note: Key for each Operation node has to be unique.

Hope it will help developers having only VS-2010 Professional Edition as well :).

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