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I just started using Octave, and have been trying to do some operations from data in Excel files. I've installed the IO, Java, and Windows packages in Octave, but when I run the script, I get the following error message:

Looking for supported interfaces:
Excel/COM... not working.
error: No Java support found.
error: called from:
error:   C:\Octave\3.2.4_gcc-4.4.0\share\octave\packages\io-1.0.14\xlsopen.m at
line 395, column 1
error:   C:\Octave\3.2.4_gcc-4.4.0\share\octave\packages\io-1.0.14\xlsopen.m at
line 168, column 15
error:   C:\Octave\3.2.4_gcc-4.4.0\share\octave\packages\io-1.0.14\xlsread.m at
line 215, column 1
error:   C:\Users\Kyle\Desktop\nighttime2.m at line 30, column 18

I've been trying to solve this for a little while now so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The first error is No Java support found. So it's probably because you have not properly installed the java package.

Read and follow the instructions under the section How to install the java package in Octave? in the documentation.

There is also a document called: How to install the java package in Octave? that can be helpful.

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