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I want to validate the input of a jTextField and also have a default value set. From what I understand, this code should work, but the default value never appears. If I remove the validation code, the default value appears as it should. Is there a way that I can have my input validation AND have a default value also?

   myInput.setDocument(new javax.swing.text.PlainDocument(){
        public void insertString(int offs, String str, javax.swing.text.AttributeSet a)
        throws javax.swing.text.BadLocationException {
            if((getLength() + str.length()) <= 15
                && str.matches("[0-9\\.]"))
            super.insertString(offs, str, a);
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(comment deleted, see answer) – ignis Jun 5 '11 at 6:39
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Maybe reason is that setText("") makes insertString be called with a str parameter of "", which does not match that regexp you are using. So I think you might replace it with "[0-9\.]+" which will match that.

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That worked, thanks. – Fred Garvin Jun 5 '11 at 6:45

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