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My page is working fine with FF , but not working under IE ,

I have a JSP page and a JS file (The error is inside JS File)

I am using IE developer toolbar Its only showung me the Line number and the character.

Please see the screen shot .


MY JSP file is of only 20 lines and JS file is of 200 lines , with many 3rd party JS files included.

How can we debug as i dont have that line number in my JSP FIle and view source doesn't help.

Please help me

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can you post the code... it will make easy for others to check –  KoolKabin Jun 5 '11 at 6:57

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Internet Explorer 8 has a built in debugger. You can find instructions for how to use it here JScript Debugger in IE8.

Basically, if you enable this, then you can actually go look at the code and see where the problem is.

The debugger can not only show you the code, but also a snapshot of the variables at the time the error occurs. Using this information, you can further pinpoint the problem.

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