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so im building brick breaker on Java and so far I have most of the UI done but Im having an issue with showing my bricks on my UI. I have written the code for it in my paint method which builds my panel and then my panel is added to a JFrame in another class. Everything shows except for my bricks and I cant seem to figure out why..

// AnimationPanel.java
// Informatics 45 Spring 2010
// Code Example: Our Ball Animation Becomes a Game
// This is relatively similar to our AnimationPanel in the previous version
// of our ball animation, with two changes:
// * The paddle is now drawn, in addition to just the ball.  For fun, I've
//   drawn the paddle in a different color than the ball.
// * This panel has a MouseMotionListener attached to it.  The job of a
//   MouseMotionListener is to listen for mouse movement within a component.
//   In this case, any mouse movement within our AnimationPanel will turn
//   into events, which we'll handle by adjusting the center x-coordinate
//   of the paddle accordingly.
// * Because we need to calculate a new position for the paddle as the mouse
//   moves, we'll need to be able to convert coordinates in both directions
//   (i.e., fractional coordinates to pixel coordinates and pixel coordinates
//   to fractional coordinates).

package inf45.spring2010.examples.animation2.gui;

import inf45.spring2009.examples.animation2.model.Animation;
import inf45.spring2009.examples.animation2.model.AnimationState;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class AnimationPanel extends JPanel
    private Animation animation;
    private inf45.spring2009.examples.animation2.model.AnimationState currentState;
    boolean brickVisible[][];
    int bricksInRow = 4; 
    int bricksInColumn = 8; 
    int brickWidth;
    int brickHeight;
    int bricksLeft;

    public AnimationPanel(Animation animation)
        this.animation = animation;
        currentState = null;

            new MouseMotionAdapter()
                public void mouseMoved(MouseEvent e)

    public void updateState(AnimationState newState)
        currentState = newState;

    private void updatePaddlePosition(int pixelX)
        double paddleCenterX = convertPixelXToX(pixelX);

    public void paint(Graphics g)

        if (currentState == null)

        int centerPixelX = convertXToPixelX(currentState.getBallCenterX());
        int centerPixelY = convertYToPixelY(currentState.getBallCenterY());

        int radiusX = convertXToPixelX(currentState.getBallRadius());
        int radiusY = convertYToPixelY(currentState.getBallRadius());

        int topLeftPixelX = centerPixelX - radiusX;
        int topLeftPixelY = centerPixelY - radiusY;

        int paddleCenterPixelX = convertXToPixelX(currentState.getPaddleCenterX());
        int paddleCenterPixelY = convertYToPixelY(currentState.getPaddleCenterY());
        int paddleWidthPixels = convertXToPixelX(currentState.getPaddleWidth());
        int paddleHeightPixels = convertYToPixelY(currentState.getPaddleHeight());

        int paddleTopLeftPixelX = paddleCenterPixelX - (paddleWidthPixels / 2);
        int paddleTopLeftPixelY = paddleCenterPixelY - (paddleHeightPixels / 2);

        Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D) g;

        /* for (int x = 0;x<bricksInRow;x++){
              for (int y = 0;y<bricksInColumn;y++){
                  boolean bricks[][] = null;
                brickVisible[x][y] = bricks[x][y] ;



        g2d.fillOval(topLeftPixelX, topLeftPixelY, radiusX * 2, radiusY * 2);


            paddleTopLeftPixelX, paddleTopLeftPixelY,
            paddleWidthPixels, paddleHeightPixels);

    private int convertXToPixelX(double x)
        return (int) (x * getWidth());

    private int convertYToPixelY(double y)
        return (int) (y * getHeight());

    private double convertPixelXToX(int pixelX)
        return (double) pixelX / getWidth();

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It's not because the loop is in a comment, is it? – Soumya Jun 5 '11 at 7:32
"Informatics 45 Spring 2010" You're about (checks watch) a year overdue on this one. BTW - if this is homework, please add the homework tag. – Andrew Thompson Jun 5 '11 at 7:37
Have you tried adding some logging statements in the for loop containing the value of the variables you're using? – extraneon Jun 5 '11 at 8:24

It seems like you don't assign any value to brickHeight and brickWidth in your code. This might be the problem.

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What MByD said, although as these fields are package-local you could possibly be setting these elsewhere. Also, there is also a NPE problem here:

    boolean bricks[][] = null;
    brickVisible[x][y] = bricks[x][y] ;

I'm not sure if you added this in before or after you found things weren't working, but this is a sure-fire NullPointerException which will cause the rest of your paint code to not execute when thrown.

EDIT: I'm assuming you commented out the code that wasn't working, but this is the bit you want to make work.

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