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I animate the scroll with scrollRectToVisible:animated:

But scrollViewDidEndDecelerating is not getting called.
Is there a way to force the function to be called?

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"scrollViewDidEndDecelerating" wont be called for scrollRectToVisible or setContentOffset (i.e, scrolling programmatically). If you notice the declaration of this method in the header file it clearly mentions "// called on finger up as we are moving".
Now, to address your issue, scrollViewDidEndScrollingAnimation delegate will be called (for setContentOffset and scrollRectToVisible) , which you can use.

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KKK4SO: scrollViewDidEndDeceleration doesn't get called for scrollRectToVisible scrollViewDidEndScrollingAnimation doesn't get called for actual finger scrolling, is this normal? –  eugene Jun 5 '11 at 8:53
@Eugene: Yes, pretty much normal. scrollViewDidScroll:delegate responds to both. –  Tatvamasi Jun 5 '11 at 9:04
thanks, you saved me... –  Fahim Parkar Jul 2 at 9:12

As you've found, scrollViewDidEndDecelerating isn't always called (if you moved a scroll view with your finger and brought it to a stop it wouldn't get called either).

Since scrollViewDidEndDecelerating is a delegate method you can force it to be called like this:

[[scrollView delegate] scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:scrollView];
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Where can I call it? –  Dejel Oct 7 '13 at 16:41

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