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For some scaling recalculation in a Silverlight application I use the following event:

 App.Current.Host.Content.Resized += new EventHandler(Content_Resized);

I'd like to use a similar event in a WPF application, but can not figure out what it should be.

What is an equivalent of Silverlight's App.Current.Host.Content.Resized for a WPF application?

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Have you tried something like ContentControl control = Application.Current.MainWindow.Content as ContentControl; and then control.SizeChanged += ..... Instead of ContentControl you can use whatever container you are using. – Haris Hasan Jun 5 '11 at 9:46
Thanks, Haris. I use just SizeChanged="Window_SizeChanged" XAML declarated event of my app's main window. I tried your suggestion as well. They both work pretty the same. Maybe that's all I need, don't know so far. – rem Jun 5 '11 at 10:09
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WPF can have multiple windows which are not hosted anywhere, that is why there is no respective property in the Application class, if you have a conceptual main window you can set the application's MainWindow property and handle Application.Current.MainWindow.SizeChanged instead.

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