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I built an app which I can add images and texts, what I would like to do is to pack a data from this app (which I can do that by serializing an object to a file) and send it non-synchronically to another app in another IPhone and open it there (without using the mail nor the internet).

for example if I had MMS on IPhone I could do that by sending the file as MMS and set my app to open files with specific post-fix I choose.

Please help, Thanks.

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Do you want to send the data to another app on the same device? –  Black Frog Jun 5 '11 at 11:31

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What do you mean by "without using the internet"? You could use NSNetServices to establish connections between devices, and send whatever you want between them. This relies on the TCP/IP protocol though, but does not use HTTP. So if you mean "without going via HTTP", this should be an alternative:


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you use an url scheme for small data, or the new UIDocumentInteractionController

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