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How to decode numeric HTML entities in PHP

How does one remove/replace ” characters from a string?

I've tried html_entity_decode but it don't seem to work. There are other similar characters in the string that don't seem to be converted or removed.

Any ideas?

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The issue is that html_entity_decode() doesn't translate numeric entities.

I added an answer to the suggested duplicate How to decode numeric HTML entities in PHP

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str_replace(array('”', '”'), '', $thestring);

Here is a working example: http://codepad.org/gXrZcxaF

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Does this do what you're looking for:

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Prior to editing of the question, the question was unclear, so all I had was shots in the dark (of which I think both were decent). I'm not going to copy/paste an answer from another site into Stack Overflow, the site is a link black hole as it is, I'm not going to resort to plagiarism. –  preinheimer Jun 5 '11 at 16:15

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