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I have a div like this:

<div id="x" name="x" class="x" style=""></div>

and contained within this div I have several divs like this:

<div id="y_1" name="y_1" class="y" style=""></div>
<div id="y_2" name="y_2" class="y" style=""></div>
<div id="y_3" name="y_3" class="y" style=""></div>


QUESTION 1: How do I detect how many of these divs (class="y") are contained within the container div (class="x")? - (just an alert("") with the number, for example).

QUESTION 2: How do I do something to each of these y-divs (class="y") such as a function that might place the letter "Y" into all of the y-divs using $('.y').html("Y"); , for example??

Any help appreciated guys....

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Question 2, you answered in your question?! $('.y').html("Y"); –  addedlovely Jun 5 '11 at 14:41

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You need to find the elements within the ancestor element.

$('#x div.y').length; // number of class y elements under element x
$('#x div.y').html('Y'); // run a jQuery method on the y elements

See the API:

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alert($('.x .y').length);

$('.x .y').html('Y');
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//instead of $('#x .y') you can also use $('#x').find('.y')
alert($('#x .y').length())

$('#x .y').each(function(){
    //do what you want to $(this)
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Try this.

alert($('.x .y').length)


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1. The length() method gets the total amount of returned elements:

alert($('.x .y').length());

2. You were correct in how to set the content on all of the returned elements:

$('.x .y').html('Y');

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