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I try to configure my Apache .conf file to deny listing from a certain category, but I want to allow a specific file inside this category. It appears that the Directory rule is "stronger" than the Files rule, so when using both - I can't access that certain file.

This is what I try:

<Directory /var/www/denied_directory>
     order deny,allow
     Deny From All

<Files safefile.php>
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from All

I would appreciate your help. Thanks!

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3 Answers 3

It works perfectly if it is configured properly:

   <Directory /var/www/denied_directory>
        Order allow,deny
        <Files test.php>
           Order deny,allow
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put your files directive inside your directory directive.

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In Apache 2.4, with an additional test on an environment variable for good measure:

See also: Require Directive

<Directory "/wikis/foswiki">

    Require all denied

    # Allow access to toplevel files ending in .html (in particular index.html) only 
    # (comment out if you don't care for this)

    <Files ~ "\.html$">

          Require all granted
          Require not env blockAccess


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