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I load some XML from a servlet from my Flex application like this:

_loader = new URLLoader();
_loader.load(new URLRequest(_servletURL+"?do=load&id="+_id));

As you can imagine _servletURL is something like

In some cases, this URL contains accented characters (long story). I pass the unescaped string to URLRequest, but it seems that flash escapes it and calls the escaped URL, which is invalid. Ideas?

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My friend Luis figured it out:

You should use encodeURI does the UTF8URL encoding

but not unescape because it unescapes to ASCII see

I think that is where we are getting a %E9 in the URL instead of the expected %C3%A9.

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From the livedocs:

Creates a URLRequest object. If System.useCodePage is true, the request is encoded using the system code page, rather than Unicode. If System.useCodePage is false, the request is encoded using Unicode, rather than the system code page.

This page has more information:

but basically you just need to add this to a function that will be run before the URLRequest (I would probably put it in a creationComplete event)

System.useCodePage = false;

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Thanks, but from that same page it says useCodePage is false by default. Anyways, I'll experiment – Peldi Guilizzoni Sep 15 '08 at 14:31
useCodePage is a bit of a hack, since it uses the system codepage it might work on a machine to english but fail on all others. – grapefrukt Sep 16 '08 at 13:13

I'm not sure if this will be any different, but this is a cleaner way of achieving the same URLRequest:

var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(_servletURL)
request.method = URLRequestMethod.GET;
var reqData:Object = new Object(); = "load"; = _id; = reqData;

_loader = new URLLoader(request);
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thanks, but while prettier, it made no difference – Peldi Guilizzoni Sep 25 '08 at 7:30

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