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I am trying to get the "bwcheck" application to work on FMS 4 on Amazon EC2, in order to detect my upload speed to the server and provide the best quality stream for my upload speed.

The tutorial I follow is this:

http://www.derekentringer.com/blog/flash-media-server-streaming-speed- testing-part-2-detect-upload-download-and-latency-speeds-and-port-conn ection/


http://web.archive.org/web/20080308081519/http://www.peldi.com/blog/ar chives/2004/01/automatically_c.html

Both are almost identical. However when I compile the .fla to .swf (having changed the URL for my server and application), and after I load the server-side code, I get the following error in my server-side log:

Method not found (recData)

I understand that apparently it is not finding the method, but I tried getting it off the function in the global scope, tried attaching it to the client, etc. but nothing worked. The original code of the server-side script is:

for ( i = 0; i < 1000; i++ ) { data += "S->C"; }

Client.prototype.recData = function(data) { this.ping(); var v = this.getStats(); this.call("ack", 0, v.ping_rtt); }

Client.prototype.echoData = function() { this.call("onEcho", 0, data); };

Client.prototype.getBWInfo = function() { return this.getStats(); };

Client.prototype.onConnTimeout = function() { clearInterval( this.connTimeout ); this.connTimeout = null; application.disconnect(this); }

application.onConnect = function(client, id) { trace("connect: "); // Establish the connection application.acceptConnection(client); }

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Are you sure that all the Client.prototype methods sit within their own function, ie:

application.onAppStart = function (info){

    ////////// start bandwidth check methods ////////////////
    for ( i = 0; i < 500; i++ ) {
    data += "S->C";

Client.prototype.recData = function(data) 
    var v = this.getStats();
    this.call("ack", 0, v.ping_rtt);
    ////////// end bandwidth check methods ////////////////

application.onConnect = function(client_obj, id) {

Also does the app work with a local version of FMS?

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Using the new EC2 public AMI of version 4.0.2 it just started working. I can't explain it, as I was using the exact same code before. –  anton evangelatov Jun 17 '11 at 19:42

I solved this issue with the same block of code. It's in the logs -- data is undefined.


var data = ''

Before everything else.

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