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I have a User query which filters by the amount of orders each user has (ordersCount).


If I run it it says: "Unknown column 'ordersCount' in 'where clause'"

From my experience I should be using having on such operations because mysql won't allow it for fields not part of the table but if I run it with having instead of filter I get:

(1054, "Unknown column 'ordersCount' in 'having clause'") 'SELECT count(1) AS count_1 \nFROM user \nHAVING ordersCount > 2' ()

So how do I filter a count column in sqlalchemy?

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See documentation of Ordering, Grouping, Limiting, Based on the sample code provided and an assumption that your orders are stored in the orders table, your version would look similar to:

>>> s = select([orders.c.user_id, func.count(]).\
...     group_by(orders.c.user_id).having(func.count( > 2)

In this way you will get the user_id's of the users in question. If you want to retrieve User objects, just make the s about a sub-query and join your User query with this sub-query to retrieve the uses in question.

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