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I try to write a script that will reset and reinitialize the database for a new django application. In order to detect any error I want to check the return code of each command.

#! /bin/env python
import sys, os 

def execute⌘:
    ret = os.system(cmd)
    if not ret:
        sys.exit("Last command failed")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if os.path.isfile('app.sqlite'):

    execute('python manage.py syncdb --noinput --all') # << this fails
    execute('python manage.py migrate --noinput --all')

My problem is that I wasn't able to find a way to safely re-initialize the database. Running migrate fails because it requires syncdb and syncdb fails because it requires migrate.

Do not ask me to ignore the return codes from the commands, I want a solution that is able to properly deal with error codes.

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You're using sys.exit() improperly. You could raise Exception("error message").

Also, an error message as to what you're seeing would be helpful to better answer your question.


./manage.py syncdb --migrate --noinput

solve your issue?

Perhaps you should be checking:

if ret != 0:
    raise Exception("error")
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