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I am having trouble initializing a radio button as checked. What I mean is when I open the form, none of my 2 radio buttons are checked, but they work fine after I check on of them. I tried setting one of them as checked in the Form constructor, but it still appears as unchecked:

public frmPreferences(Capitals capit)
    radEnglish.Enabled = true;
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2 Answers

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radEnglish.Enabled = true

This does not set the CheckBox to a Checked state, it enables the control. You could do this in the designer, or you could use the line

radEnglish.Checked = true;

For WPF it's

radEnglish.IsChecked = true;
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Thanks for the really fast answer! It works now. –  Cristi Mocanu Jun 5 '11 at 16:50
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The enabled property doesn't check the control, it (not surprisingly) enables it. Use this instead:

radEnglish.Checked = true;
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