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I want to auto run migrate.py createsuperuser on django but it seams that there is no way of setting a default password.

How can I get this? It has to be independent on the django database.

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You could write a simple python script to handle the automation of superuser creation. The User model is just a normal Django model, so you'd follow the normal process of writing a stand-alone Django script. Ex:

from django.core.management import setup_environ
import settings

from django.contrib.auth.models import User

u = User(username='unique_fellow')
u.is_superuser = True
u.is_staff = True

You can also pass createsuperuser a few options, namely --noinput and --username, which would let you automatically create new superusers, but they would not be able to login until you set a password for them.

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Ok for cretesuperuser, but how to set the password then? I would like to do that inside a bash script... –  caneta Dec 10 '13 at 12:32
For Django 1.4+, modify as given in stackoverflow.com/a/21149868/91365 –  Bryan Larsen May 22 at 15:51
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very easy, listen on post syncdb signal and read superuser credentials from a configuration file and apply it.

checkout django-bootup


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