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Need to set cookies in ApplicationController... but dont know how... using cookies - nothing, using ActionController::Cookies - nothing. Nothing more then setting|getting cookies I dont need, but what I do need is to set them in ApplicationController.

PS found the answer: request.cookies['help'] = 'yes'

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What do you mean by setting cookie in application controller? You would set cookie in browser corresponding to some controller action. If you want to set the cookie for all actions then you may consider using a before filter and apply that filter to all your controller actions.

You can set and delete cookies as shown below:

   cookies[:key] = {
       :value => 'a yummy cookie',
       :expires => 1.year.from_now,
       :domain => ''

     cookies.delete(:key, :domain => '')

Please note that if you specify a :domain when setting a cookie, you must also specify the domain when deleting the cookie.

e.g. cookies[:user_name] = "david"

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You can also use cookies.signed[:key]=... to have the cookie value encrypted to prevent it from external modification. – Matt Connolly Dec 15 '12 at 11:04

You can simplify for cookies you want to hang around for a while

cookies.permanent[:some_cookie] = "gingerbread"
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