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I have 2 tables. MarkQuestion and Question.

MarkQuestion has:

Question has:

I want to extract text of each question and average mark for each question:

I tried something like this:

var questions = from mark in Entities.MarkedQuestions
                          join question in Entities.Questions on mark.IDQuestion equals question.IDQuestion
                          group mark by mark.IDQuestion into markGroup,
                          question by question.IDQuestion into questionGroup
                          select new ModelView.MarkQuestionModel
                              AverageMark = markGroup.Average(x => x.Mark),
                              Text = ..

How to solve this?

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It sounds to me like you want a group join, so that you have two range variables - one representing a question, and another representing all the marked questions for that particular question.

Here's the query expression syntax you'd use:

var questions = from question in Entities.Questions
                join marked in Entities.MarkedQuestions
                    on question.IDQuestion equals marked.IDQuestion
                    into marks
                select new ModelView.MarkQuestionModel
                    AverageMark = marks.Average(x => x.Mark),
                    Text = question.Text

For dot notation, you'd use the GroupJoin method to achieve the same result.

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It works. Thanks. :) –  Vajda Jun 5 '11 at 21:52

Something like this:

var questions =
    from question in Entities.Questions 
            AverageMark = Entities.MarkedQuestions
                .Where(arg => arg.IDQuestion == question.IDQuestion)
                .Average(arg => arg.Mark)
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