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I have a module stat that exists in the directory structure: lib/stat_creator/stat/

In lib/stat_creator/stat.rb I have the files in the lib/stat_creator/stat/ directory that I require, as well as:

module StatCreator
    module Stat

When I use that module I refer to the classes as


Now I want a root Stat class that lives in app. I've made my Stat class in app/models and set it up in routes.rb. But if I go to rails console and try to use the Stat class in app/models like:


I get the error: LoadError: Expected ../lib/stat_creator/stat.rb to define Stat

I thought the point of using namespaces was to avoid this kind of conflict, so I don't understand what I"m doing wrong.

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Are you by any chance doing include StatCreator in your Stat model? – Jits Jun 5 '11 at 19:35
I don't include StatCreator, but I do specify it as I've added above. I think this has to be done though because I don't want to be able to call Stat::Foo.new since that would create a conflict with class Stat. – Jeremy Smith Jun 5 '11 at 19:44

I'd do:

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