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I want to make a Voice Recognition software but I don't know where to start, which tools should I learn and use?, Which programming language should I use?, what are the steps for building this software. Any help please, any links, any ideas are welcomed. I searched for books but I didn't find any...

Thanks in Advance

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Can you post you use case or requirement? –  Kunal Jun 28 '11 at 8:34

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You fail to mention a programming language and platform, so I'll try to be somewhat comprehensive here.

For Windows, the obvious place to start is with Microsoft's own Speech SDK. I have used this myself in one of my applications and it is relatively easy to set up and use. The program I was writing was written in C++, but you could easily use the library in another language.

For Linux, there aren't really a lot of solutions, but you can take a look at this list to get an idea of what's out there. Most of these libraries offer C interfaces and consequently could be made to work in other languages like Python or Perl.

On Macs (which I have no experience with), there is apparently speech recognition capabilities available through the NSSpeechRecognizer interface. The interface is of course available in the Objective-C programming language.

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Thanks a lot for you help George, I was considering using C#, unless you have a better choice... –  YMELS Jun 5 '11 at 21:21

Some theory regarding biometric verification would be in place.

Essentially you want to make sure that a certain voice-recording belongs to a certain individual, and no-one else. For sure, you cannot expect to do a "direct match" - like comparing a recording from the person say "hello" with a new recording of the person saying "hello" - neither the voice or acoustic sampling works this way.

What you want (your library) to do, is to take one or more voice samples from a person, and extract various variables from these samples (like "properties" of the voice) and be sure that one could measure these properties in a new recording and be quite certain the new voice-sample belongs to the same person ("voice generator") as stored in the system.

As you understand, a lot of research has been going on in this area - the wikipedia page on Biometrics should be a good starting point. To apply biometric/statistical methods on voice recognition, check out the wikipedia page on Speaker Recognition. Essentially there are two methods - identifying a voice that says something special (like a given number) or just listening to a voice speaking and trying to extract the voice characteristics assuring that the voice belongs to a certain individual.

I would also point you to various models of how the vocal tract is modelled, as well as various ways of modelling and recognizing intonation for authentication purposes, and say: don't try to do this on your own for serious purposes if you don't have 100 k$ to spare to get it right.

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Enable speech search for your website

You need to just put "x-webkit-speech" property in your search text box

It will only appear when your browser support voice feature.

Code is here

<h1>Enable speech search for your website</h1>
<form method="get">
   <input type="text" name="search" size="30" value="<?=$_REQUEST['search']?>"  id="search" onspeechchange="$('#search').keyup()" onwebkitspeechchange="$('#search').keyup()" x-webkit-speech="" speech="" />
   <input type="submit" value="Search" />

if(isset($_REQUEST['search']) && $_REQUEST['search']<>"");
    echo "<h2>"."You are searching for:";
  echo "<i>".$_REQUEST['search']."</i></h2>";
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That is not a start point of a software –  Kuzgun Nov 22 '13 at 12:20

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