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I need to document a binary tree in my code. Can someone suggest a drawing/visualization tool for this. The code is basically so it's fitting for a binary tree

$a     $b        $c
true   true      true    134
true   true      false   245
true   false     true    2
true   false     false   3
false  true      true    8
false  true      false   17
false  false     true    19
false  false     false   32
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dot from the Graphviz package is a very good free command line tool to automatically draw graph and tree structures from a description file.

Here's a sample:

digraph tree {
    subgraph cluster_a {

    subgraph cluster_b {

    subgraph cluster_c {

    root -> t;root -> f;

    t -> tt -> ttt -> 134;
    tt -> ttf -> 245;
    t -> tf -> tft -> 2;
    tf -> tff -> 3;
    f -> ft -> ftt -> 8;
    ft -> ftf -> 17;
    f -> ff -> fft -> 19;
    ff -> fff -> 32;

    t [label="true"];
    f [label="false"];
    tt [label="true"];
    tf [label="false"];
    ft [label="true"];
    ff [label="false"];

(I omitted the labels for ttt, ttf... for brevity)

You can save it as "tree.dot" and visualize it by running:

dot -Tpng -o tree.png tree.dot

The format is reasonably easy to produce programmatically and the sample produces a nice diagram of your binary tree.

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