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Right now my loop is

for (TreeNode n = e.Node.FirstNode; n != null; n = n.NextNode)

and my data is something like


I want to enum breadth only (a, b etc, not a1, a2 etc). How do i do this?

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Breadth first enumeration is typically done by using a queue of some sort as an ancillary data structure.

First push the root onto the queue. Then, while there is something in the queue:

  • Pop the first item from the front of the queue.
  • Push its children onto the end of the queue.
  • Process the item you popped.
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foreach (TreeNode n in e.Node.Parent.Nodes)

you might have to check for a null parent and use

TreeNodeCollection nodes;
if(e.Node.Parent != null)
    nodes = e.Node.Parent.Nodes;
    nodes = e.Node.TreeView.Nodes;

This should cover the breadth first algorithm (sorry I haven't tested it)

Queue<TreeNode> currentLevel = new Queue<TreeNode>( nodes );
Queue<TreeNode> nextLevel = new Queue<TreeNode>();

while( currentLevel.Count > 0 )
	while( currentLevel.Count > 0 )
		TreeNode n = currentLevel.Dequeue();

		// Add child items to next level
		foreach( TreeNode child in n.Nodes )
			nextLevel.Enqueue( child );
	// Switch to next level
	currentLevel = nextLevel;
	nextLevel = new Queue<TreeNode>();
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Inside your for loop, add an if statement to check if n.parent == e.Node

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