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How, if possible, can I have iPhone SDK's classes (UI*) to autocomplete inside TextMate?

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Ok, after looking the link Kendall posted and some other places this is what I have found:

There is currently NO easy way to have autocomplete of iPhone APIs in TextMate.

The link on the post Kendall pointed is old, but I found it and one other iPhone Bundle on gitHub: http://github.com/Caged/gtbfm-textmate-bundle

But none of these bundles offers autocomplete, they have some templates and snippets.

The closest I have found is on the svn repository from TextMate: http://svn.textmate.org/trunk/Review/Bundles/iPhone.tmbundle

It's not official yet, and I have reported some issues with it to the developer (Joachim Mårtensson). You can have autocomplete with this bundle, but it is working only with classes files, not headers.

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