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I was wondering does anyone know which key does the metaKey referred by in the MouseEvent refer to?

Please do not misunderstand my question.. I'm not asking what a metaKey is.

Specifically I'm asking which key does the metaKey referred by in the DOM MouseEvent refer to?

A quick test tells me that even though my windows key is pressed, e.metaKey refuses to return true:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<div id="d" t="t">a</div>
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If you're asking which key you would have to press in a Windows system in order for the MouseEvent's metaKey proprety to be true, the answer is that it depends on the browser, and some Windows browsers simply don't support it and always return false or undefined.

I could not find an up to date chart of browser support for metaKey, though here is an really old one.

If you are using jQuery, metaKey is one of the event properties that it normalises for cross-browser compatibility.

If you need to implement a key+mouse event for some functionality on your website I would use the shift key so that it works on all systems. (If you need more than one key option I would suggest you rethink your design.)

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i don't use the metaKey.. its a theory question –  Pacerier Jun 6 '11 at 0:36

Empirical testing, shows the following results. Not that jQuery doesn't do a terribly good job of normalizing ^F.

On a Mac, in Safari Version 5.1.7 & 6.0.

 F   Keypress: 102, 102  
⌘F   Keypress: 102, 102  meta 
⌥F   Keypress: 402, 402  alt 
⌃F   Keypress: 6, 6  ctrl
⇧F   Keypress: 70, 70  shift 

On a Mac, in Firefox 15.0.1:

 F   Keypress: 102, 0
⌘F   Keypress: 102, 0 meta 
⌥F   Keypress: 402, 0 alt
⌃F   Keypress: 102, 0 ctrl
⇧F   Keypress: 70, 0 shift

On a Mac, in Google Chrome 18.0.1024.168:

 F   Keypress: 102, 102
⌘F   (No triggers sent for ⌘ + key)
⌥F   Keypress: 402, 402 alt
⌃F   Keypress: 6, 6 ctrl
⇧F   Keypress: 70, 70 shift

Test code: // jquery-1.7.2

  $(document.defaultView).keypress(function(e) {
      console.log("Keypress: " + e.which + ", " + e.keyCode, " "
          + (e.metaKey ? "meta " : "")
          + (e.ctrlKey ? "ctrl " : "")
          + (e.altKey ? "alt " : "")
          + (e.shiftKey ? "shift " : ""));
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