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I'm building an app using Phonegap and I'm using Urban Airship for iOS and Android.

For Android I was using it with AirMail, but now they are planning the deprecate AirMail and have published a new library (http://urbanairship.com/docs/android-client-overview.html).

I'm trying to make it work but I can't initialize it:

public class MainApp extends DroidGap { 
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { 

The UAirship.takeOff() method is suppose to take an "Application" as the argument, but because PhoneGap apps extend DroidGap instead of Application it doesn't work.

I know almost nothing about Android development, so I'm not sure how to go around this.

Has anybody successfully installed the new UAirship library on a phonegap project?

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Somebody already replied to my question on Phonegap's mailing list providing this blog post which was written today:


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