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Im using FPDF (generate PDF from PHP), so my question is, what is wrong in my basic code, I want to show all the items in my array in the table titles, but only some get shown, like the list is to big, to fit, but is not properly formatted [I have not understand yet how to move the dimensions for my table header] header for table

the code>


class PDF extends FPDF
//Load data
function LoadData($file)
//Read file lines
foreach($lines as $line)
return $data;

    //Colored table
    function FancyTable($header,$data)
//Colors, line width and bold font


     $pdf = new PDF('L', 'mm', 'A4');
     //Column titles
     $header=array('Name','Surname','Date','Start','Br Start','Br End','Start','End','Centre');
     //Data loading

Thanks a lot! .

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In your code:


if count($header) > 4 then you're in trouble... which is the case as I see in your screenshot. For the non defined values you will have 0 as the first parameter... which means full width.

PS: turn on error reporting to see your errors, for sure php throws them.

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