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So I have a bunch of paragraph elements which are dynamically populated from a db. I have made the elements contenteditable. I now want to submit edits back the the db via a standard form submission. Is there a way to post the contenteditable elements back?

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You have to use javascript one way or the other, it won't work as a "standard" form element as it would with a textarea or the like. If you like, you could make a hidden textarea within your form, and in the form's onsubmit function copy the innerHTML of the contenteditable to the textarea's value. Alternatively you could use ajax/xmlHttpRqeuest to submit the stuff a bit more manually.

function copyContent () {
    document.getElementById("hiddenTextarea").value =  
    return true;

<form action='whatever' onsubmit='return copyContent()'>...
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If you use jquery, you could submit the content with a .click() event (i.e "save" or "submit"...)

In your click function post it to a server side script using an ajax "post" to insert it into your database.


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