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here's the code of my problem

class Base : QThread  
 virtual void run() = 0;  
 void Ping(int);  

class Derived : public Base  
  void run()  
    emit Ping(42);  

the signal(42) won't reach/call to slots. what's wrong? thanks in advance.

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Did that 100 times, it does work. Are you sure your base class is properly MOC'ed ? (i.e. defined in a file contained in HEADERS section of .pro) Also when connecting your signal, check the return status of QObject::connect (it's a boolean). A good practice is something like that

bool r=false;

As Liz noticed, if something went wrong in your connect, you can check the traces to know what happened.

I can also note :

  • you don't have to redefine run in your base class, it's already defined by QThread
  • Common pitfall with QThread: Base class and Derived class belong to the thread which created them, not in the newly created thread
  • you don't connect your signal to any slot in your sample, so it won't trigger anything (I suppose it's done elsewhere)
  • your class Derived lacks the final ;


Edited to take into account liz' interesting comment.

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(Not worth a separate answer) Check the output of your program. If there is a problem with the connect call, Qt dumps an error to the console window. Sometimes it's as simple as a typo. –  Liz Jun 6 '11 at 22:06
Damn true, edited my post to take that into account, thx Liz –  Bruce Jun 7 '11 at 5:22

I think you are trying to connect signal and slot from different threads. Did you read this article?

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I came upon the same problem but managed to find solution. The problem in my case wasnt the inheritance (even tho i did emit from derived class).

The problem was the code calling emit signal was execute BEFORE the code connecting signal with slot. Therefor both signal was emitted and signal-slot connection worked fine, but the code in the slot wasnt executed because emit happened before connecting the slot to signal.

Maybe that helps someone in the future.

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