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How to update one row in Json store .

I am adding record for json store and how to update that particular record.

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How do you add that record and why does the store not load automatically? –  Giku Promitt Jun 6 '11 at 4:58

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Assuming you are using ExtJs 3.3.1 you can do the following:

var record = jsonStore.getAt(1);

The record variable will then be of type Ext.data.Record. I am using jsonStore.getAt() as an example here but I would recommend you use jsonStore.getById()

Assuming that your records have fields named 'FirstName' and 'LastName' you can then update the values of that specific record by executing the following:

record.set('FirstName', 'John');
record.set('LastName', 'Smith');

I highly recommend you have a look at the ExtJs documentation as there are some really good example in there :) good luck

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