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If you click on "flirt", then you click on "boy" and then click on "brunette"

It's like a javascript wizard form kind of thing...

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That shouldn't really be difficult to do. You would have steps and each step can save a variable.

<div id="step1">Flirt</div>
<div id="step2">About a boy</div>
<div id="step3">Step 3...</div>
<div id="step4">Step 4...</div>

Then in your jquery script, you would hook onto the clicks of different elements inside of those steps and given that the inputs are clicked, hide and show new steps.

       //do some checking

    function showStep(step)
       $("#" + step).show();
    function hideAllSteps()

this is just a quick brute force demonstration and it should give you an idea of a quick and easy way to implement a wizard type look and feel using jquery. It's ugly, but it shows a concept.

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You can use a jswiz library. It lets you build wizards with jQuery too. Check docs and demo inside

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