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I'd like to check something like below:

  List<string> lst=new List<string>();
if(lst ?? is "Inherited" from "IEnumerable<object>" ??)

I mean checking whether both the 'wrapper' class and the argument class are inherited from the given classes.

Any suggest will be appreciated!

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In my case, i'd like to check if the type List implements IEnumerable while at the same time the type string is inherited from object, as an instance of type List<string> is the target waiting to be checked and the type of IEnumerable<object> is the given condition. – NicolasZ Jun 6 '11 at 7:30
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It's not really clear what you mean. You can check whether it's assignable to a type very easily:

List<string> list = new List<string>();
if (list is IEnumerable<object>) // True for .NET 4, false for earlier versions

In this case we're relying on the generic covariance of IEnumerable<T>. Not all interfaces support that, and classes certainly don't.

If you could give us more indication of the bigger picture - what you're trying to achieve - that would really help.

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