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I can't seem to find any example of this so I wonder if I am doing it completely wrong or over-complicating it.

I have a Contacts model that belongs to an Installation. There are many different contact categories (auto, health, children..) So in the contacts/new form I want to have one form but multiple records can be added to the Contact model with this one form.

For example there is an Auto section with a contact fields, a Health section with a contact fields, ad one submit button. The only thing they have in common is what installation they belong to but I won't know that until they go to fill out the form.

Any help?

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You want to use the array syntax for form input, this will enable you to have an array of Contacts nested within your Installation form.

For instance, you might do:

<%= form_for @installation do |f| %>
  <% for category in @categories do %>
    # category is 'auto', 'health', 'children', etc.
    <%= fields_for 'installation[#{category}][contacts][]' do |contact_f| %>
      <%= contact_f.text_field :contact_data_field %>
      # more fields here
    <% end %> 
  <% end %>
<% end %>

Then in your installation controller you would need to deal with a params hash that looks something like:

{'installation' => { 'auto' => { 'contacts' => [ # an array of contact data hashes ] }}}

Check out understanding-parameter-naming-conventions in the rails guide on the form helpers.


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This is called a nested form in rails, if you search you will find a lot of resources to help you further. For example, to get you started: check out this post on asciicasts (the readable version of

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