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I wanted to create a functionality as of facebook profile picture using codeigniter

where user can select the part of the image to be displayed as profile pic can anyone guide me on that

Any efforts would be appreciated.

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CodeIgniter has support for image cropping:

CI supports GD/GD2, NetPBM, and ImageMagick:

Here are some manual ImageMagick examples:

In PHP, ImageMagick may be executed using the exec function:

exec("convert my_image.jpg -resize 50% -crop 80x80+0+0 my_thumb.jpg", $report);

PS. The UI is a different story!

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You can use jCrop (an MIT licensed JavaScript cropper w/ PHP back) with jQuery to achieve a cropper similar to Facebook. jCrop also includes a PHP example in the download folder to give you an example of how they work together.

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