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This is the script function that is causing problems:

def crawl feedbacks, source, project_id, url, use_spam_filter
    @logger.info url
    xml = open(url)
    doc = Nokogiri::HTML(xml, nil, 'UTF-8')
    doc.xpath("//entry").each do |entry|
      title = entry.at("./title").content
      content = entry.at("./content").content
      content = content.gsub(/[^0-9a-z ]/i, '')

      language = @language_detector.detect(content)
      if language != 'en'
        puts "#{language}: #{title}"

      if use_spam_filter && @spam_filter.is_spam?(content)
        puts "spam: #{title}"

      #content = strip_invalid_utf8_chars(content)

      puts "encoding: #{content.encoding.name }"
      polarity, description = @sentiment_classifier.process(content)
      published = Time.zone.parse(entry.at("./published").content)
      link = entry.at("./link[@rel='alternate']")["href"]
      author_image = entry.at("./link[@rel='image']")["href"] rescue nil
      author_name = entry.at("./author/name").content
      author_url = entry.at("./author/uri").content

      if source == Feedback::BLOG && @url_filter.should_ignore(link)
        puts "urlfilter: #{title}"
      elsif source == Feedback::TWITTER && @author_filter.should_ignore(author_name)
        puts "authorfilter: #{title}"

      feedbacks << [project_id, published, title, description, link, polarity, author_image, author_name, author_url, source, project_id.to_s + link]
rescue Exception => e
    puts e
    puts e.backtrace.join("\n")
    @logger.info e.message
    @logger.info e.backtrace.join("\n")

I get the invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 error whenever the crawler is parsing the following urls:




The content.encoding.name always shows UTF-8, but I just can't figure out why i get the error

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Heh, Google 403'd my wget(1) attempt on the first URL. Be careful. :) –  sarnold Jun 6 '11 at 6:37
The function actually works for the first few entities, but as it parses along the XML it reaches a point where it triggers the error. I'm not so sure if it's because of a 403 –  mabounassif Jun 6 '11 at 6:43
Yeah I should probably start reading those rules before things can get wrong. Thanks for the hint! –  mabounassif Jun 6 '11 at 6:51
Incidentally, my isutf8(1) tool found no problems in the twitter search... –  sarnold Jun 6 '11 at 6:53

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Comtability problem had to reinstall the newest version of Nokogiri

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