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I've 1 textbox, its for getting DateTime value,First the user has to fill the DateTime textbox before selecting the vehicle dropdown. If that textbox is blank i ve to popup a message.. I am trying to validate but its not responding.. the code is,

function Validate_VehicleDropdown()
    var RequestDateTime=$get('<%=ui_txtRequestDateTime.ClientID %>')
         alert("Please Enter RequestDateTime Before Selecting Vehicle");
         return false;

I called that function inside Dropdown control as

onblur="javascript:return Validate_VehicleDropdown();

What mistake i ve done here?? give some idea?

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For one, you do not need to use javascript: in the blur part. That is primarily for hyperlinks. Secondly, perhaps you could check your browsers JavaScript logs for errors.

In Internet Explorer 9 press F12

In Firefox download firebug.

In Chrome press CTRL + SHIFT + J

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you can use the onchange event instead of onblur

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