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I have pre-installed Eclipse Gallileo for Java Developers on my PC and recently downloaded cdt plugin for it, using eclipse's Install Wizard.

My problem is that firstly when I was trying to build C/C++ project, IDE didn't find mingw32-make.exe. After I changed C/C++ project properties in C++ Build, renaming command to build project, it became to work well. But then when I try to Run project I get "Launch failed. Binary not found" message.

What did I miss in Eclipse congiguration?

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You should add "c:\MinGW\bin" to the Windows path and restart Eclipse. In windows7 you can right click on "My Computer" hit properties , in "Advanced system settings" then in "Environment variables" then in "System variables" section add ";c:\MinGW\bin" notice the semicolon. In Windows XP the "Advanced system settings" is not needed.

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Unfortunately, it's already in the PATH. – teoREtik Sep 25 '11 at 12:51
MAybe you should setup "Launch Configuration". But as a side note I suggest you get the Code::Blocks the one bundled with MinGW. It is much much easier to setup and run, and the debugger works fine. Whereas Eclipse most likely crash on gdb (unfortunately). – dashesy Sep 27 '11 at 0:10

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