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I try to create a regex to capture emails ending not .info/.con containing no aaa/bbb.

Is this the correct syntax?

Eg: // search email ending in .com/.info containing no aaa/bbb
preg_match_all('#((?=.*@.*(?:com|info))(!.*(?:aaa|bbb)).*)#ui', $html, $emails);

To get this:

caaac@ccc.com = no
ccc@ccbbb.com = no
cccc@cccc.com = good (address syntax correct + term absent before or after the @)

Thank you for your reply.

This syntax works fine SEE HERE (thank you to STEMA) except for a string that includes spaces.


$string = "email1@address.com blah email2@aaaaess.com blah email3@address.info embbbil4@adress.com";
preg_match_all("#^(?!.*aaa)(?!.*bbb).*@.*\.(?:com|info)$#im", $string, $matches);


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Here's the solution:



function get_emails($str){
    preg_match_all('#(?<=^|\s)(?![\w@]*(?:aaa|bbb|(?:[0-9].*){3,}))[a-z0-9-_.]*@[a-z0-9-_.]*\.(?:com|net|org|info|biz)(?=\s|$)#im', $str, $output);
    if(is_array($output[0]) && count($output[0])>0) {
            return array_unique($output[0]);


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Simply use a positive expression and check that it did not match anything.

if (preg_match(...) == 0)

Also, there is no need to use preg_match_all if you are just interested whether a pattern matched or not.

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There may be several e-mails to capture and not containing the prohibited words (aaa | bbb) in an HTML page to parse. –  la_chouette Jun 6 '11 at 9:23

If I understand your requirements right, then this would be the regex you can use together with @Tomalak answer.

preg_match('#.*@.*(?:aaa|bbb)|\.(?:com|info)$#ui', $html, $emails);

This pattern matches the stuff you don't want.

.*@.*(?:aaa|bbb) matches aaa or bbb after the @

the \.(?:com|info)$ is the other part, this matches if your email address ends with .com or .info

You can see it online here on Regexr



This will match aaa or bbb and the string has to end with .com or .info

See it online here on Regexr

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Thank you for your reply. Search terms can be before or after the at sign and surrounded by characters. eg: See above –  la_chouette Jun 6 '11 at 9:18
@la_chouette I updated my answer, did I get the requirements right this time? –  stema Jun 6 '11 at 9:34
@stema First of all, thank you again for your help. It's almost that, I also try my hand: HERE –  la_chouette Jun 6 '11 at 9:47
almost #(?!.*(?:aaa|bbb)).*@(?!.*(?:aaa|bbb)).*(?:.com|.info)#ui –  la_chouette Jun 6 '11 at 10:08
@la_chouette is it now working as expected? (or is there still something not OK) –  stema Jun 6 '11 at 11:10

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