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How can I concatenate the name of a property using the EL?

This is what I tried:

<ui:repeat value="#{someBean.getParts()}" var="part">  
        <h:inputTextarea value="#{someOtherBean.result}#{part}" />      

But it didn't work.

The bean has the four property resultA, resultB, resultC and resultD. getParts() returns "A", "B", "C", and "D".

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I don't think that can be made to work without changing the design. It's generally a bad idea in Java to have a design that requires you to access methods fields and properties through a name, and worse if the name is built from strings.

Possible solutions:

  • have getParts() return "resultA", "resultB", etc. and access them #{someOtherBean[getParts()]}
  • change the property names to a, b, c, d and access them as #{someOtherBean[getParts()]}
  • have a single property result that contains a Map with "A", "B", etc as keys and access the values as #{someOtherBean.result[getParts()]}
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Thank you, Michael! – geeehhdaa Jun 6 '11 at 8:18

It's quite possible though. You can use <ui:param> to prepare the dynamic property name and use the brace notation [] to access it.

<ui:repeat value="#{}" var="part">  
    <ui:param name="resultPart" value="result#{part}" />
    <h:inputTextarea value="#{someOtherBean[resultPart]}" />

Needless to say that I agree with Michael that this is a smell in the model design.

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