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For two weeks now I get an Error-Message if I try to execute Silverlight Unit Tests via Statlight from console. I did not do any changes!

Super Secret StatLight Code: 836D4425-DB59-48BB-BA7B-03AB20A57499

Message is: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Fehler 0x1A88. Debuggingressourcen-Zeichenfolgen sind nicht verfügbar. Weitere Informationen erhalen Sie unter http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=106663&Version=4.0.60310.0&File=mscorrc.dll&Key=0x1A88

Executing the Silverlight Unit Tests via Statlight is a buildstep in my Teamcity CI-Server.

Unfortunately the quoted URL is not very helpful.

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whats the build step ? can you show us the command line call. I have got mine to work, but only without the -b option.

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I solved it by using Statlight V 1.3.3981 instead of V 1.4.4147.

I got this Error only with the latest Version (beta) when calling:

C:\>statlight -x="*solution.xap*" -v=April2010 --teamcity

Thank you for trying to help!

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