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Developing a new ROR3 website, I need to implement a sort of internal mail system:

  • user1 sends a message to user2
  • user2 receives a real-world email and can also see the message in his "Inbox" on the website.
  • user1 sees the message in his "Sent mail" folder.

Many websites have this feature.
Is there a Ruby on Rails module to add this feature with minimal development/maintenance?

Note: Simple messages (title and body, plain text) is good enough

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Pretty straight forward to implement on your own.

Create a Message model like this


And when a message is created you can just create an email copy that you automatically send to toUserId.

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Im interested in doing sometthting like this but i dont know how to go about it –  El nino Apr 10 '12 at 18:02

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