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private String pageElementUpdateProperty="{'user_id':'4d9fe87d1e327f0858000003','session_token':'84146295a9c0eb344f68510ac3645763','project_id':'4dac27b6156aec840d000007','page_id':'4db90554156aec180a000005','element_id':'4dec8964206b74b0dbe2236a',property:{style:{left:177.5,'top':153.5,'width':600,'height':800}}}";

DBCollection collPageElement = getServerDocument("PageElementCollection");
JSONObject jsonPageElementObject=JSONObject.fromObject(pageElementUpdateProperty);
PageElmentBean pageElementBean = (PageElmentBean) JSONObject.toBean(jsonPageElementObject,PageElmentBean.class);//fill the fields of Bean with JSON object..this i'm gettig correctly

BasicDBObject query = new BasicDBObject();
query.put("_id", pageElementBean.getElement_id());
query.put("page_id", pageElementBean.getPage_id());

DBCursor cur;
cur = collPageElement.find(query);

now i have to find document using "element_id" which is "_id" in mongoDB but when i use -
query.put("_id", pageElementBean.getElement_id());
it's not getting result though document with given "page_id" and "element_id" in the string exist in mongoDB

where i'm making mistake

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i got solution use (new ObjectId(pageElementBean.getElement_id())) – Ravi Khakhkhar Jun 6 '11 at 11:19
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Is the _id a string or does it use ObjectId?

If it is an object id, you need to say:

query.put("_id", new ObjectId(pageElementBean.getElement_id()));

(same holds true with page_id - if that is an ObjectId)

You can check the type in the shell by saying:


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yes...this is true thanks Ryan – Ravi Khakhkhar Jun 7 '11 at 10:47

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