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I built a large GWT app that works fine on chrome/safari. But on the iPad 2 the app crashes mobile safari.

I suspect that the obfuscation version that the compiler creates, output lines that are too long for the iPad 2 WebKit browser. When I compile the app in pretty mode it works.

Does anyone has any hints on how to solve this problem? going to production with pretty mode is not an option.


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This looks like a bug. You should post this on gwt group and/or submit a bug report. – Peter Knego Jun 6 '11 at 12:48

We had the same issue and it seems to be a problem with iOS 4.x. The fix for this it to compile in PRETTY mode, that will work

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i ran into the same issue with ipad one and a large gwt app. I changed from the iframe gwt linker to the cross site javascript linker and got rid of the issue.

In your gwt.xml file try this:

<inherits name="" />
<add-linker name="xs" />
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