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I have to create a page scope COM object in ASP for WIN CE device. The Win CE device supports only httpd server.

I tried to create the com object with the statement Server.CreateObject to give it page scope. But I am getting the following error

Parse error in script 
Microsoft VBScript runtime error: '800a01b6' 
Description: Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Server.CreateObject' 
In file: /Polycold_WebGUI/PolyCold_system_home.asp 
On line: 13 

How can I correct this problems?
Can I give Page Scope for COM object in Win CE ASP?

Result The method GetUnitModelNumber increments a member variable and returns the result. Initially the value is 0. Each time GetUnitModelNumber is executed the value will increment. As the default object life time is page scope, My expectation is that the second CreateObject call will return the object already created and the value will increment. But I am getting 0 when I executed the following piece of code. What is wrong with the following code?

Dim objAd1,man
 Set objAd1 = CreateObject("PolyColdDeviceCmds.SystemCmds")
 man1 = objAd1.GetUnitModelNumber()
 Set objAd1 = CreateObject("PolyColdDeviceCmds.SystemCmds")
 man2 = objAd1.GetUnitModelNumber()
 Response.Write("<script language='javascript'> alert("""&man2&""");</script>")
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If you omit the second CreateObject call does it behave the way you expect? –  ctacke Jun 6 '11 at 13:03
"My expectation is that the second CreateObject call will return the object already created(...)" and why are you expecting that? If you ask for a new object with a call to CreateObject, you will get a new object... –  yms Jun 6 '11 at 13:11
@yms: How Can I say that it it Page Scope? Is there any problem with my understanding. Is it possible to use the object while reloading the page? –  Maanu Jun 6 '11 at 13:29
Could you please tell us what your ultimate goal is? –  yms Jun 6 '11 at 13:36
@yms: My aim is to create an object when a page is first loaded. Use the same object when user performs some operations on the page for eg: Clear Alarm, Execute Command Etc. I should be able to use the object even after the user refreshes the page –  Maanu Jun 6 '11 at 13:39

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How can I correct these problems?

As I mentioned here, you cannot use Server.CreateObject in asp-WinCE, you should use just CreateObject instead. Only MapPath and URLEncode are supported by the Server object in asp-WinCE. See this page in MSDN for details. From this page:

The Server object provides access to methods and properties on the server. Most of these methods and properties serve as utility functions. The following table shows the supported server methods.

Server method - Windows CE implementation

ScriptTimeout: Not supported.
CreateObject: Not supported.
Execute: Not supported.
GetLastError: Not supported.
HTMLEncode: Not supported.
MapPath: Fully supported.
Transfer: Not supported.
URLEncode: Fully supported.

Can I give Page Scope for COM object in Win CE ASP?

Page Scope is the default behaviour for any COM object created within an asp page. See this MSDN reference for details. From this page:

An object that you create by using Server.CreateObject or the HTML tag on an ASP page exists for the duration of that page.

This page talks about classic asp in Windows (desktop), not Windows CE. So for Windows CE just replace Server.CreateObject by CreateObject and you should get the same results.

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