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I need to turn off/on fancybox on the elements of a list according to their focus status.
I cannot bind/unbind the click event completely, because there are other functions listening for the same event.
So, I need to know if fancybox provides a way of doing so.
If not, any alternatives to fancybox that meet this requirement would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

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Why don't you simply play with the classes of your elements using addClass and removeClass? Then only when they have this class the fancybox will be triggered.


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This worked for me:


Hope it helps!

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Unfortunately, none of the solutions proposed was the one I was looking for...
The correct answer was provided here by @Naren Sisodiya, who suggested using the live() method (which at the time hadn't been surpassed yet by the new on method).
I admit that the question could have been asked in a better form.. Sorry everyone..
Thank you.

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