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I have a Silverlight class library which is a model in my MVVM app. I am using MVVM Light. How easy is it reuse that model in a WPF app and use the MVVM Light framework. The framework has different dlls for WPF and Silverlight so I guess there is incompatability of sorts. I was wondering if anyone could talk me through the options. Cheers, Chris.

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The suggested option is to use the Project Linker, this tool synchronizes code over multiple projects, allowing you to maintain a Silverlight and WPF dll with one codebase.

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I hope you mean model means data in WPF and Silverlight. If that is the case, you can expose the data using a Service. It can be any service like web service, WCF service or WCF RIA service. Since a service can be multi tenented you can have a Silverlight as well as WPF client accessing the same service.

If you are trying to share the ViewModels between Silverlight and WPF using MVVM light, I would suggest you have a look at the MIX 2011 video of the presentation by the creator of MVVMLight library Laurent Bugnion. This is called Deep Dive MVVM and is a very good session. In short you can share ViewModels between WPF and Silverlight by adding the file from one project to another as a "LINK".

Hope this helps

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