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  1. if i create gmap's marker and infowindow in the same function without calling other function. i works well.

  2. BUT now, if i want to encapsulate some operations in a function createMarkerInfoWin(), how can i do...

i tried like this:

1) call function onLoad() when page loading.

function onLoad(){
    var marker =   createMarkerInfoWin(); //i want to encapsulate some operations in it



function createMarkerInfoWin(){
    var marker = new marker();
    var info = new infoWindow();
    var html = "<div>....</div>";  //infowindow's content

    Event.addlistener(marker,'click', function(){,marker);
    return marker;

it isn't going to work. marker is showed on the map, but infowindow not when click the marker.

So i guess: the object info's mem is going to be recycled when function return.

hi, everybody, is there a better way to encapsulate the create operation in a function? i just don't want to put all the code in the function onLoad().


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