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I have completed CMS. This CMS have many controllers: news, content, articles, etc. Also have modules like "modules/shop/controllers/cart.php", "modules/shop/controllers/items.php".

ATM URLs are:

  • /shop/some-category/
  • /shop/nokia/n73.html
  • /content/about-company.html
  • /articles/phones/full/1.html

Now I need urls like: - /nokia.html - /my/super/article-about-phones.html

So, I need custom URLs for any controlles (shop, news, content, etc). As I know, I can't execute controller from controller.

How I can solve a problem? I have no idea how to rewrite Router core class. Any ideas? For me I have 1 way - rewrite architecture of full product but I have no time :( Thnx alot.

P.S. ATR routes.php is:

<?php  if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

$lang_prefix = '(([a-z]{2}/)?)';

$route[$lang_prefix.'ajax/shop/(.*)'] = "shop/ajax/$3";

$route['cron/(.*)'] = "cron/$1";

$route[$lang_prefix.'content/(.*)'] = "content/index";
$route[$lang_prefix.'faq/ask/(.*)'] = "faq/ask";
$route[$lang_prefix.'faq/(.*)'] = "faq/index";

$route[$lang_prefix.'sitemap'] = "sitemap/index";
$route[$lang_prefix.'contact'] = "contacts/index";

$route[$lang_prefix.'news/(.*?)/full/[0-9]+'] = "news/full";
$route[$lang_prefix.'news/(.*)'] = "news/index";

$route[$lang_prefix.'compare/[0-9]+[0-9\/]+'] = "shop/compare";
$route[$lang_prefix.'cart/(.*?)'] = "shop/cart/$3";
$route[$lang_prefix.'cart'] = "shop/cart";

$route[$lang_prefix.'order'] = "shop/order";
$route[$lang_prefix.'order/check'] = "shop/order";
$route[$lang_prefix.'order/successful/[A-z_\-0-9]+'] = "shop/order/successful";

$route[$lang_prefix.'search/(name|price|rating)/(asc|desc)(.*)'] = "shop/search";

$route[$lang_prefix.'shop/(.*)/(name|price|rating)/(asc|desc)(.*?)'] = "shop/items/index";
$route[$lang_prefix.'shop/(.*?)/(.*?)/add-comment'] = "shop/items/add_comment";
$route[$lang_prefix.'shop/(.*?)/(.*?)'] = "shop/items/details";
$route[$lang_prefix.'shop/(.*)'] = "shop/items/index";

$route[$lang_prefix.'feedback'] = "feedback/index";
$route[$lang_prefix.'callback'] = "feedback/index";

$route[$lang_prefix.'article/(.*?)/full/(.*)'] = "articles/full";
$route[$lang_prefix.'article/(.*)'] = "articles/index";

$route[$lang_prefix.'gallery/(.*?)/full/(.*)'] = "gallery/full";
$route[$lang_prefix.'gallery/(.*)'] = "gallery/index";

$route[$lang_prefix.'admin/ajax/(.*)'] = "admin/ajax/$3";
$route[$lang_prefix.'admin'] = "admin/main/index";

$route[$lang_prefix.'admin/login'] = "admin/auth/login";
$route[$lang_prefix.'admin/logout'] = "admin/auth/logout";

$route[$lang_prefix.'admin/(.*)'] = "admin/$3";

$route['default_controller'] = "shop/showcase";
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you need your url to contain the file extension .html ? –  afarazit Jun 14 '11 at 23:15

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You could use a mod_rewrite to direct all requests to a .html file to go to a special static content controller. So:


would redirect to:


This might look something like this:

Options +FollowSymLinks 
RewriteBase / 
RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule  ^(.+)/([^/]+)\.html$ /content/static/$1/ [NC,L]
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