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In Hadoop 'grep' example (that comes with the Hadoop package) what is the group parameter.Can you give me an example for that.

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You'll have better luck if you can you add more information (or atleast include a link) – Penang Jun 6 '11 at 16:24

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Disclaimer: I haven't run this example and am pulling answering after just looking at

The CLI call is: bin/hadoop org.apache.hadoop.examples.Grep <indir> <outdir> <regex> [<group>] and you want to know about <group>.

I suspect this is grouping in regex. (random link -

As noted on the Hadoop Grep link

The command works different than the Unix grep call: it doesn't display the complete matching line, but only the matching string

What I take from this is that if you specify the <group> value (a number) it will output only the value for that group.

For an example (pulling from the Group link)

input: aba
regex: (a(b)*)+
group 0: aba
group 1: a
group 2: b

If the value for <group> is 1 then the result would be a. Group 0 is the full match, not the original string, In this case it just happens to be the same.


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