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I'm looking for a way to read and set security permissions on an object (OU or users/computers) in Active Directory on Windows Server 2008+. The same way that Delegation by using Active Directory Wizard does it? I would like to be able to choose OU and assign group to it with Reset Password permissions or with ability to create / manage users?

How can I achieve that?

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So here is a simple example that allow the domain user 'user1' to reset password for users presents in OU 'ForUser1'

/* Connection to Active Directory
DirectoryEntry workingOU = new DirectoryEntry();
workingOU.Options.SecurityMasks = SecurityMasks.Owner | SecurityMasks.Group | SecurityMasks.Dacl | SecurityMasks.Sacl;
workingOU.Path = "LDAP://WM2008R2ENT:389/ou=ForUser1,dc=dom,dc=fr";

/* Retreive Obect security
ActiveDirectorySecurity adsOUSec = workingOU.ObjectSecurity;

/* Ellaborate the user to delegate
NTAccount ntaToDelegate = new NTAccount("dom", "user1");
SecurityIdentifier sidToDelegate = (SecurityIdentifier)ntaToDelegate.Translate (typeof(SecurityIdentifier));

/* Specils Guids
Guid UserForceChangePassword = new Guid("00299570-246d-11d0-a768-00aa006e0529");
Guid userSchemaGuid = new Guid("BF967ABA-0DE6-11D0-A285-00AA003049E2");
Guid pwdLastSetSchemaGuid = new Guid("bf967a0a-0de6-11d0-a285-00aa003049e2");

/* Ellaborate ACEs
ExtendedRightAccessRule erarResetPwd = new ExtendedRightAccessRule(ntaToDelegate, AccessControlType.Allow, UserForceChangePassword, ActiveDirectorySecurityInheritance.Descendents, userSchemaGuid);
PropertyAccessRule parPwdLastSetW = new PropertyAccessRule(ntaToDelegate, AccessControlType.Allow, PropertyAccess.Write, pwdLastSetSchemaGuid, ActiveDirectorySecurityInheritance.Descendents, userSchemaGuid);
PropertyAccessRule parPwdLastSetR = new PropertyAccessRule(ntaToDelegate, AccessControlType.Allow, PropertyAccess.Read, pwdLastSetSchemaGuid, ActiveDirectorySecurityInheritance.Descendents, userSchemaGuid);


After that you need :

a place to find ExtendedRightAccessRule.

a place to find Active-Directory schema attributes and classes informations.

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I'll check how it goes but it seems to be exactly what I need. I guess I can extend on ObjectSecurity when reading the information? So I can find out what groups and what "rights" are assigned to that OU? –  MadBoy Jun 8 '11 at 12:25

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